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East European Gas Analysis

East European Gas Analysis, a Pennsylvania-based consulting firm founded in January 1995 and dissolved in 2020, was active in cost-benefit and financial analysis of production and pipeline projects in natural gas sector of Russia and the former Soviet Union (FSU). Our area of expertise included the following issues:

  • Security of supplies of Russian gas to European markets.

  • Identification of future bottlenecks in the gas pipeline system of Russian Federation.

  • Annual and maximum daily flows in any part of the FSU gas pipeline system — from West Siberia to the European border.

  • Historic and projected production cost of gas by major field and producing company under different market conditions.

  • Historic and projected cost of Russian gas delivered to Europe.

  • Projections of transmission cost of gas from any production site in Russia to any market in Russia, FSU or Europe.

  • Production and pipeline investment costs through 2025 by year.

  • Pipeline construction cost in different areas of Russia and the FSU.

  • Comparison of alternative corporate strategies of Gazprom (for instance, increasing imports from Central Asia versus adding new production in and pipeline capacity from remote gas fields of West Siberia).

  • Development of strategies for independent gas producers and foreign gas projects in Russia.

  • Costs and benefits of independent gas producers under different corporate strategies of Gazprom.

  • Taxation in the gas sector of Russia.

EEGA has provided consulting services to major oil companies, as well as independent oil producers, gas & power companies and other corporate clients in the US, Western Europe and Russia.

Mikhail Korchemkin is the founder and former executive director of EEGA. Mikhail Korchemkin has acted as an expert witness on subjects related to business operations of Gazprom. He is retired now.



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