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Selected Consulting Projects of East European Gas Analysis

  • Cost of Gas Delivered to Specific Regions of Russia

  • Analysis of cost of gas delivered to specific Russian plants and factories.

  • Annual and Daily Gas Flows in Different Project Areas in Russia

Analysis and forecast of gas consumption by sector, gas balance, pipeline capacity, gas storage capacity, daily and annual gas flows for several projects in different parts of Russia.

Comparison of costs and benefits of Gazprom and independent producers under different rules of access to the gas pipeline system; calculation of cash flow of Gazprom and independent gas producers; calculation of delivery cost of gas under different strategies of Gazprom

  • Earning Potential of Gazprom

Gazprom cash-flow forecast under different corporate strategies and under different market conditions; maximum daily gas flow projections; identification of size, timing and location of future bottlenecks in the pipeline system; O & M cost analysis; investment requirements into the existing system and new projects; risk analysis; taxation system analysis; analysis of the current gas pricing system in Russia

  • Evaluation of the Market Size for Russian 56" Steel Pipe

Maximum daily flow projections; identification of size, timing and location of new pipeline projects; evaluation of market size for 56", 48" and 42" pipe by year and by source of supply

  • Analysis of Annual Reports and Bond Prospectus of Gazprom

Analysis of peculiarities of Russian accounting rules in the gas industry; analysis of depreciation costs at production and transmission

  • Effects of the Russian Crisis on the Costs of Gazprom

Identification of ruble and dollar costs at production and transmission of natural gas in Russia; update of the cash flow model of Gazprom; financial feasibility of new projects; minimal affordable export price of gas

  • Russian Oil Pipelines Maintenance Study

Research on the state and reliability of Transneft pipelines and producers’ field lines; research on the Russian pipeline construction and operation codes; research on environmental impacts and payments

  • Construction Cost for Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects in Different Areas of the FSU

Calculation of total project costs; research on Russian pipeline construction code; comparison of Russian construction teams’ performance in different areas of Russia; research on labor, materials', machinery and equipment cost in different areas of Russia and Kazakhstan; mobilization cost

  • Uzen, Kazakhstan, Oil Field Rehabilitation

Cost-benefit and cash-flow analyses

  • Russian Unified Gas Supply System: Independent Reconstruction Study

Projects’ cost calculation; research on O & M costs of Gazprom; research on natural gas taxes; Russian, FSU and European gas market analysis; project financial analysis 


Old reports of M. Korchemkin (in Russian)


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